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Nora M. Rehan - https://orcid.org/0009-0002-5550-3134


The cultural identity of urban communities is the main expression of historical privacy and shapes societies’ past, present, and future. It is an entity of cultural and knowledge accumulation stemming from the community's traditions and customs, which help to consolidate the social fabric and play an important role in the lives of individuals and the planning and development processes. Urban areas with cultural and heritage values are the most important competitive advantages of urban cities that are considered as a primary nucleus for achieving sustainability on a broader scale for the neighboring regions. One of the most important of those regions is Azbakeya Park and Sur region; this area has heritage value and Egyptian identity together. Despite that, it suffers from neglect over the past years, resulting in the region's urban, environmental, economic, and social deterioration. So the research aims to solve these problems by adopting a green framework that revitalizes this historical area in a biomimicry manner that integrates nature and landscape with the built environment portfolio that meets human needs, reduces carbon emissions, and increases biodiversity. The research deals with two entrances, the first is the theoretical one, which includes a documentary study of the region and the identification of the most problems it faces. The second entrance is the applied one, which includes a field visit to the area to identify the most important needs for users to provide these needs in line with the proposed solutions to achieve sustainability. Based on the theoretical and applied study, the research comes up with three proposals for a biomimicry urban framework as a green map that preserves the cultural and heritage identity of this vital region as it is considered the nucleus for the beginning of a sustainable biophilic path at the most comprehensive level.


Cultural identity, Cultural and historical returns, Biophilic Urban Spaces, Biomimicry


Architectural Engineering | Environmental Design | Historic Preservation and Conservation | Landscape Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning

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