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Malek Demashkieh - https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3368-4600


Neglection is the act of failing to care about something, it is the act of carelessness and forgetting. Adding to that in the same context, neglected urban spaces are barren lands that have been forgotten by the government making these lands gaps scattered in the city like rivers that are natural freshwater streams that flow into a canal that leads to the sea, a lake, or another river. Harmonizing these areas into the society will offer opportunities for these spaces to become a liveable, social, urban public spaces. Unfortunately, forgotten, and neglected riverfronts areas are found in the cities, thus spaces that allow socialisation, relaxation, and the experience of different activities for different classes of society are nowhere to be found, but there are detached, unsafe spaces that give the feeling of surviving rather than living. The main aim of this paper is to provide an urban strategy that can revive the neglected riverfronts areas and transform them into healthy social spaces through recreational facilities. The research paper aims to investigate the neglected spaces that are within the area of Beirut’s River, which mainly has a context of very active economical spaces. The scientific methodology will be applied through site visiting, quaternary, and analytical studies these procedures will present a clearer view of the field of study of the neglected urban space. The paper ends with a set of conclusions, focusing on reviving neglected riverfronts and re-establishing them to create a sustainable cultural connection with the city and preserve its identity.


Neglected Urban Space, Recreational Facility, Reviving, Forgotten


Architecture | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences | Urban, Community and Regional Planning



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