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Reem Al-Zein - https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4717-3817


Culture plays an important role in defining a society's values and identity. Craftsmanship has remained an important aspect of Lebanese cultural identity and history, contributing to the shaping of many public and private spaces as well as supporting families and people's livelihoods. Unfortunately, considering the significance of craftsmen cultural production in the country's social and economic development, it is still a lost field nowadays. Therefore, as result, this tradition is diminishing, threatening Lebanon's intangible cultural heritage. Therefore, this paper aims to develop convenient solutions to regenerate and to preserve the city's social, historical, and cultural image and identity through creating public spaces and places that will improve the cultural resilience, production, and liveability of a neighbourhood. To achieve the main aim, the research study will begin with a literature review based on previous readings, book analysis and desk research, about the relation of the cultural identity with architecture. Through the analysis, the research will highlight through a case study the role architectural public spaces in recovering the cultural image and activities in Beirut city.


Public Space, Culture, Cultural Identity, Cultural Production, Craftsmanship


Architecture | Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences | Urban, Community and Regional Planning



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