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Ahmad Saadeh - https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9159-3627


Brownfield is a land that was used before for different purposes, then was polluted, and abandoned, this type of land is called brownfield. Brownfield regeneration consists of three main sustainable fields: economical, environmental, and social. Brownfield regeneration is a main key in sustainable urban development. Thus, suffering from an economic crisis that affected all the veins of the country and left people in a bad situation. That shortage made the citizens feel miserable, unproductive, less efficient, and unpleased. This research aims to examine the validity of using the brownfield areas to be proper lands as a tool for resisting economic recession. To achieve the main aim, this paper will apply desk research, literature review, defining brownfield and its types in addition to field work and questionnaires. Through these studies, the paper will conclude with some recommendations and suggestions to regenerate some brownfields and its impact on the economy.


Brownfield, Regeneration, Economic, Sustainable, Urban Development


Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning



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