With the emerging of new technologies, the look for more sustainable towers appears. Through designing twisted towers, an aerodynamic and energy efficient structure can be made to reduce materials and wind loads towards it. By definition, a twisted building is one that has gradually rotating floor plates along its height. The problem here rises due to the risk of structural failure and lack of load transfer and unorganized interior function. Thus, this research aims to detect the design solutions used to execute the twisted buildings achieving stability, safety, and withstanding climatic effects. In order to accomplish the mentioned aim, the research will start with a literature review, desk research, highlighting previous readings solving the problem. Qualitative research will be conducted based on academic articles and the case study of projects such as Dubai’s Infinity Tower by SOM and the second tallest building in Saudi Arabia, the Diamond Tower in Jeddah.


Twisted Building, Concept, Approach, Structure System, Function


Architectural Engineering | Architectural Technology | Construction Engineering | Other Architecture



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