Containers are currently considered as one of the inventive trends of framing architectural objects. Container architecture is defined as the type of architecture that is characterised by the usage of steel containers as a structural elements and architectural envelope that can be presented as a part of architecture or a function that an activity can happen in it. Due to the specific dimensions that the container has, architects tend to use it to obtain modularity in their projects and the modular design strategies refer to using the containers as a standard unit to carry out the process, these containers are not only considered as a modular unit in design basis, but it is also used because of its structural strength, cheap cost, fast construction, its variety to change the function inside and its durability. Unfortunately, people are not aware of the importance of this type of material that can be used to obtain sustainability and reduce pollution and recycle the materials. Therefore, this paper aims to explore the container architecture by identifying different ways of creating architecture spaces that hosts different functions and activities not only in micro view but also in macro which means in large scale. In order to achieve the mentioned aim, the paper will start by presenting a literature review based on desk research, highlighting the previous reading about solving the problem. As a conclusion, it is important to have a clear detail about the potentials of containers and their different usage in life.


Container, Modular Architecture, Architectural Space, Container Architecture, Sustainability


Architectural Engineering | Architecture | Construction Engineering | Environmental Design

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