Literature and architecture have long been connected where both are forms of art; literature is a verbal form of art whereas architecture takes a social form. Both domains play a major role in heritage inheritance and representation and are immensely linked to each other; each is capable of representing and embodying the other. Gloomily, in light of digital technology, Information Age, and onslaught of globalization, the reflections of the practices of Arabic literature on architectural representations, after being practiced together since ancient periods, have retracted in recent times thus architecture in the Arab cities has started to veer far away from reflecting the Arab heritage. Accordingly, the purpose of this paper is primarily to propose a number of approaches that enhance the amalgamation of both domains in order to nourish the cultural heritage through such notions and to introduce the Arabic culture to different types of users directly and indirectly. To achieve this aim, the research follows a scientific methodology that relies on deskwork, literature review, and observations making it a qualitative type of work. The research highlights previous readings that analyse the relationship between Arabic literature and architecture and then tackles the methods of reflections of literature in architectural representations. After that, recently executed case studies will be investigated in the paper which are Quranic Park by OBE Architects in Dubai, UAE and Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies by Mangera Yvars Architects in Doha, Qatar. Finally, a field survey is carried out for the purpose of gathering further information. In conclusion, several design approaches were conducted to employ the reflections of Arabic literature in architectural representations in order to achieve the previously mentioned aim.


Arabic Literature, Architectural Representation, Literature, Literary Architecture, Heritage


Arabic Language and Literature | Architectural History and Criticism | Architectural Technology | Architecture | Historic Preservation and Conservation



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