Going to the underground has always been the escape for people in harsh cases like wars and natural disasters. While the city centers are surrendered to the seizing through global capital, more density is forced on the territories of the city in the form of urban sprawl, leading to the uncontrolled, unplanned and unrestricted urban spreading, and then forcing to look for an escape for this continuous growth. Subterranean architecture would be the escaping solution that architects will depend on in the future. Subterranean architecture refers to the underground structure that is built in unique sites and where traditional buildings can not be built. Humans sought for subterranean architecture years before when tunnels and caves where built. According to that, this architecture type was known as flexible, secure and protective for its location and conservation. In the case of over populated cities, subterranean architecture is caused by the need of the urban residents to escape density towards a more settled environment. Therefore, this research aims to design a well-defined studied strategy for designing underground space, and shed the lights on the importance of underground space for the cities and environment in the future. To achieve this aim, the study will start by presenting a literature review after reading and analyzing subterranean architecture and underground structure articles and case studies, to discuss this phenomenon and its effect on urbanization, city structure and pattern and architectural heritage. For the urban pattern to be maintained, and for the future architecture to be more relevant, this architecture would be the solution that will be followed in the coming years.


Underground Architecture, Subterranean Architecture, Underground Structure, Population, Destructive Cities, Future Architecture


Architecture | Engineering



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