Sketching is one of the required courses for architecture and design students in higher education since it is considered a necessary skill for architects and designers. However, the lack of visualization skills and practice, students were met with difficulties in grasping the complex concepts of this course, concurrent with the teachers’ lack of familiarity with the various methods. The aim of this paper is to find a new method that allows students to carry out their sketches by examining the problems faced by first-year undergraduate students at the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Built Environment in BAU, Lebanon. To achieve the research aim, a qualitative research methodology is used among subjects involving 120 first-level architecture students with poor visualization abilities in general and is considered to be the key reason that affects the success of students in sketching. These students were tested before beginning the course, during, and after a year of practicing. Sixty students got the method before they began studying the lesson, while the remaining sixty students studied the course without this method. They were then tested after finishing the course, where the method was found to help students grasp perspective more easily, which was favorably mirrored in the student sketching exercise.


Architecture, Architectural School, Innovation, Perspective, Method, Sketching, Visualization.


Architecture | Art and Design | Art Practice | Education | Fine Arts | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Illustration | Interactive Arts



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