Landfill site is a significant and risky part at the same time in the city. In planning an urban city, the pollution caused by landfill damages the surrounded areas, especially the residential zones, if it does not follow the sanitary landfill rules. The pollution from landfills threat the environment and, consequently, human health and wellbeing, so it is essential to maintain a safe and healthy environment in selecting the landfill site. From this point of view, the research aims to create a method to evaluate the affected residential zones by the nearest landfills to protect people from pollution's negative impacts. The research objective is to determine the most impacted residential areas of pollution caused by landfills by combining multiple criteria for studying the selected landfill locations that help determine the degree of contamination (high risk to no risk) in each residential area. The study is conducted in four different locations in Lebanon; three coastal areas and one inward area, to evaluate the differentiation in the meteorological conditions and how they increase the landfill pollution that affect the close inhabitants' zones. By combining the buffer zone criteria and weather factors (temperature, humidity, and wind), the data collected is analysed using the overlay analysis method to determine the most affected residential area by landfill. The assessment in this study found that the pollution degree differs in the residential zones according to the criteria applied, and the weather factors play a significant role in increasing the pollution. By adopting this study's assessment, the urban design decisions for a new residential zone could benefit from this research's method to provide a healthy area.


Landfill pollution, residential area, pollution assessment


Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning



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