When the fast-spreading COVID-19 was announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), people around the world rushed to go home. This worldwide widespread altogether affected our individual and proficient lives and features a coordinate bearing upon the exceptionally establishments of design hypothesis. As a result, the pandemic has contributed to concerns about how architects and designers should view and install antivirus-related ideas or redesign current spaces, as well as at what point our physical and built environment could be impacted by the pandemic. In forecasting the post-pandemic style and visualizing the appropriate antivirus scheme, the answers to these questions may help. This paper aims to develop a new paradigm of housing design. And especially, a new functional layout for residential unit in a multi-story building in Lebanon. In this order, a literature study and a survey has been conducted. One of the main goal of the literature study is to highlight on previous pandemic and residential experiences. In the other hand, the survey serves on analysing nowadays residential unit users. These two ways will lead for the future of residential units in multi-story buildings.


Housing Design, Pandemic Era, Multi-Story Building, Paradigm


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Engineering



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