Social memories is a part of our heritage. One of the complex challenges which facing our intangible heritage is how to deal to various forms of social meaning, special memories that form a distinguished culture in our community. Social heritage is heavily related to three factors; time, place and human. The research takes a case study Al-Shakluba village that focuses on the non-materialistic aspects of social and culture heritage that increases recognition with intangible values and plays an important role that how people interact with social and cultural environments and the importance of these values that impact on the ways in which people respond to conservation needs. So the paper records some social practices that depends on intangible memories, experiences and time depth in relation to people connecting to a place or a culture landscape through making a social survey for selected sites and make a questionnaire to recognize the intangible social needs of inhabitants and what their places carry a special memories for them ... So the research submits a strategy to preserve and revive these places and seeking to proposed an action plan for managing the continuously dialogue of social heritage conservation between present and past, memories preservation, identity and sense of place within a balance framework between authenticity and contemporary. The research also submits a strategy to build a critical link between tangible fabric of geography of places and the meanings, memories, cultural traditions and social practices that form part of the suite of associated intangible heritage values and carries the special memories and conserve of social practices in their living during a specific period of history.


Approach, Preserving, Memories, Social Heritage, Village.


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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