There is no doubt that there is a close relationship between health problems and housing conditions. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates in developing countries those 2 million early and unexpected deaths, with close to half occurring among children less than 5 years old die from indoor air pollution and bad housing. Housing is an important determinant of health, and substandard housing is a major public health issue. Designing and bad orientation of housing are found to have significant effects on poor respiratory health especially in children, and increase an infectious disease thereby putting them at higher risk of life-threatening diseases. The rate of spreading the diseases among children is increasing in developing countries in last years which form serious threats to public health and natural growth of children and inturn reflect on average of long life especially in Poor Urban Region and low socio-economic families. The research examined the relationship between housing and health using longitudinal data collecting and analyzing data from Chest Hospital records and giving a questionnaire to inhabitants who suffered from respiratory illness as a result of bad design and inadequate orientation…etc. For many children this means losing sleep, restricted physical activity, slow growth, and missing school. The research submits a criterion to redesign public housing especially the low incoming housing and employ the internal and external determinants as ventilation rates, percentages of voids, orientation, finishing materials and physical infrastructure…. etc. and many other factors which affect public health to improve environmental quality, assessing housing conditions and affordable housing. Now, it is the time to create healthier homes by confronting substandard housing for creating a healthy generation.


Poor Design, Sick Buildings, Public Health


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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