By reviewing the current situation of some existing stadium buildings, many stadiums are not applicable to sustainability requirements, with the absence of the required principles in this field, where sustainability is considered now as one of the important current trends. Rehabilitation of existing Buildings considers a crucial contributor to most sustainable development aspects. It is a starting point for the redevelopment which promotes social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability. Both FIFA and UEFA support the need for sustainable stadiums. They set out some of the objectives which can achieve sustainability in stadiums. These objectives include efficient use of energy, reduction in water consumption and using local materials. So the research works on the possibility of renovating existing stadiums by making some architectural changes to meet the requirements of sustainability. From this point of view, this paper sheds light on two key issues; firstly: study and analysis of the existing stadiums, the applicability to meet LEED Certification and to achieve these requirements, secondly: assessing and analyzing some of international case studies in this field (Renovation of Castelão Arena stadium in Brazil and Soldier Field stadium in Chicago ),both of them received LEED certification for their sustainable features , where the new changes give continuity to the original project . The research concludes the most important change items that can be used to develop the current stadium buildings and aims to provide an architectural framework to renovate the existing stadium buildings to achieve sustainability.


Architectural design, stadium renovation, stadium design, sustainable design, sustainability.


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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