The development in technology and economy has led to rapid changes in architectural products. This development has effects, not only on the modern countries, but also on the developing countries, which are historically and culturally rich. Jordan is one of them. This paper investigates vernacular architecture and its approaches as conservative and interpretative attitude to explore the definition of vernacular architecture in contemporary architecture in Jordan. This was achieved by analyzing the 'Royal Academy for Nature Conservation’ building, which has been designed by the architect, Ammar Khammash. Royal Academy for Nature Conservation project has been nominated for Aga Khan Award. Aga Khan Award is considered one of the most respected international awards in the field of architecture. The Research is conducted primarily by visiting the site of The Royal Academy for Nature Conservation Building in Ajloun a governorate in Jordan, to carry out the required analysis for the Project. The analysis will guide us through integrated and dynamic approaches to ensure that the vernacular architecture affect and enhance our world.


Vernacular architecture, Contemporary architecture, Royal Academy.


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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