The building envelope has become an active element that allows the building to interact with the context of the surrounding environment. The integration of the envelope with architectural design patterns significantly affects the efficiency of the working environment space in the office buildings, where the resulting effect of this integration plays an important role in providing daylighting, visibility and view; which affects the comfort, performance and productivity of users in an office space. This research study aims to identify the physiological and psychological effects on office employees resulting from the integration of the building envelope and openings with one of the most important trends of contemporary architectural design and these are the parametric architecture and parametric patterns. The research sample includes 25 adult office workers (13 men and 12 women) of average age 34.5 ± 9.3years. Skin Conductance (SC) and Heart Rate (HR), were measured to assess physiological responses. Self-Assessment Manikin (SAM) and Short Form State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (SF- STAI) were used to determine psychological responses. The results showed a significant decrease in the mean heart rate values under Repetition and Recursion Pattern (FRA), and a significant decrease in the mean rate of Skin Conductance (SC) response under Repetition and Recursion Pattern (FRA) and Tiling and Subdivision Pattern (VOR) compared to the Baseline model. The study concluded that the influence of the parametric model to the state of valence and calm and reducing the negative feelings and anxiety situation of Office Workers compared to the Baseline model.


Building envelope, parametric patterns, office Workers, physiological relaxation, psychological relaxation.


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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