Values controlling campus articulation are mainly rooted in the 'Connectivity' value. Its interpretation exceeds just the physical connections inside the campus to the wider links between the academia and the society. The digital age has thoughtful impacts on the way that every aspect of the life is performing. The campus' shaping values have changed considerably and the connectivity came at the heart of these changes. The way the students are connected to each other's, to their tutors, and even to the place is replaced. In addition, this technological revolution has profoundly wedged the business domain, restructuring the linkage between academia and society as a whole. However, these transformations have influenced the required graduate specification to join the work market, and accordingly, the nature of learning in the digital age to face all of these challenges. This paper presents an analytical review to different circumstances that affect the learning typology at the digital age and the prospects of the future education at universities. It links between these attributes and the Spatial Learning Landscape (SLL) at the campus that reflects the values of the digital age. In addition, a matrix correlating the values of the education spaces in the digital age (active and inactive) to the Spatial Learning landscape configurations is originated. Finally, the paper presents a descriptive analytical study to the spatial learning landscape of the new Cornell Tech Campus, Roosevelt Island, New York, using the developed matrix as leading example for the digital age-based campus design.


Campus, digital age, learning landscape, Cornell Tech


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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