Throughout the last few decades, architectural design education has witnessed several changes. One of these changes was using 3D Simulation modeling technology into design process. With the rise of environmental approach in design, new 3D simulation applications started to invade studios and laboratories of design. These applications proved an obvious efficiency for the architectural form concerning thermal adaptation, ideal lighting, and most appropriate ventilation. Lately, Arabic countries imported this technology into its schools of architecture, but unfortunately students faced obstacles in applying it in their design projects. Although there are certain courses, such as; 'Environmental Design', 'Indoor Environmental Control', and 'Digital Fabrication Modeling', that already give students a good knowledge with 3D simulation modeling and environment aspects, but in fact students still find difficulties in applying it into their 'Architectural Design' course. This paper investigates the real reasons standing behind this problem trying to produce new suggestions that can be followed into design studio. That aims to improve the student's architectural product to be closer to reality. As an effective case study, the paper will examine the impact of using 3D simulation modeling on a selection of design projects from 'the fourth year students, Faculty of Architectural Engineering, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon'. One of the important findings is: 'Students consider the 3D simulation modeling a constrain reducing their conceptual creativity'.


Architecture, 3D simulation modeling, architectural design education, environmental control, design process


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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