More than a decade ago; the concept of sustainability had a great concern from the whole world because of the global warming dilemma. Sustainability is a paradigm that contains environmental, economic and social factors. Many governments have adopted the sustainability paradigm especially in the MENA region as they are the most affected by global warming. In Egypt, within the government role in paving the way to sustainability; principles of sustainable development has been integrated into the country's policies and programs in reflection to sustainable development strategy of Egypt's vision 2030. However, the concept of sustainability is still considered as a facultative matter that has to be included in architectural education in public universities in Egypt. To test this hypothesis, it requires tracing the sustainability paradigm in architectural educational programs offered in Egypt with special mention to Cairo University. An investigation of the selected architectural programs will be conducted using the selected programs' official literature review and analyzing the development of courses' data, vision, mission, philosophy, objectives and outcomes aiming at evaluating the current situation of sustainability integration in architectural programs and providing a state of art of architectural education in Egypt.


Sustainability, Architectural Education, Curricula, Integration, Egypt


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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