Students collaborate with professionals on an interdisciplinary competition where the winning student-led design would be fund and build as a new healthcare clinic in Jacmel, Haiti. Summer of 2013 witnessed the launch of REvive Jacmel, an interdisciplinary student-led project to create a new healthcare clinic in Haiti. Students and professionals held a competition and one team won the 1st prize. Through a unique opportunity, a professional firm adopted the students into a practicum and developed the project. After months of extensive work and several grants to send students for site visits in Haiti, the project developed into collaboration from a simple design by students, to a fundraising where professional teams of landscape designers, civil engineers joined hands. In 2015, through further collaboration with students who are now professionals, the clinic broke ground and is under construction. The paper will explain applications, theories and testings of this model that is being studied to create more achievable change departing from students' projects.


Architecture, community, humanitarian, practice, education


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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