Creating a new building can be seen as an unequivocal process which requires input from a variety of resources, using a range of abilities and skills to arrange and manage factors as well as resolving combative and quarrelsome issues. The performance of the design process in the building industry has a great influence on the success of subsequent processes in construction projects and also on the outcome of the quality of the final product. Despite its importance, relatively little significance has been given to the management of the design process. The research will dissect and analyze the process of building design and identify the building designer’s relationship with other role players in the design and construction teams, the ideas are further developed into proposals which are capable of being built and which will satisfy the needs of the inhabitants. The research aim to bridge the gap between the advanced design process and the architectural business field, this research addresses the design implications of business decisions and vice versa, this subject is concerned with value: the value of design and its management. There was a need for management thinking and tools that supported and enhanced, rather than distracted from, the act of creating architecture. Efforts to combine managerial thinking and architectural management design coupled with design organizations eventually gave rise to the establishment of ‘Architectural Management’ as a new research domain.


Architecture, Design, Management, Organization, Evaluation


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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