As cities become increasingly dense and social communities become more diverse and fragmented, Modern approaches fail to submit an elucidation, nor a valid response to the metropolitan density. The architect has a significant role in understanding the needs of social communities; he has to be sensitive to the bits and parts of the metropolis to decipher and comprehend the multitude of layers superimposed upon each other. Postmodernism has provided the architect with wider scopes to include vernacular traditions, particular wants and needs that can produce more quenching customized architecture. This research is a qualitative research with an Interpretive strategy, derived from the tradition of phenomenology, which seeks to understand the complex world from the perspective of those who lived it. A holistic analysis of Modernism where space was aesthetically constructed for a larger social project is sought for in this research. Also, it argues to prove that Postmodernism provided an independent space, not necessarily having a social objective yet provides tools to represent ethnic communities and cultural diversity. This research also discusses the nature of the catalysts of communities in the present era. The aim of this research is to endorse the role of the architect in communicating positively with social communities through his deep understanding of the constant revolutionizing of production, the never ending disturbance to social relations, the agitation and the insecurity. New ideas are always sweeping older ones, and humans are in constant need of an architecture that expresses their time. Architects have a social responsibility to understand the needs and provide scenarios.


Cities, Production, Fordism, Modernism, Postmodernism


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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