As the world these days is moving steadily towards sustainability and creating a better global community and this vision is what exactly the new communities need to become distinct and attract residents, so to achieve this vision, there are a set of sustainable design principles, which must be dealt with to reach the desired goal creating a Sustainable Society depends on environmental, economic, social and urban principles in which this research discusses the role of the architects in creating a successful society by enhancing the social sustainability within the built environment. The Professional role of architects is a process of preservation and creation of a required quality of the built environment according to the community ,in which his responsibility is not limited on the health and safety of the community users but it extends to the effects of the architectural products on the environment and for enhancing the social sustainability, architects must integrate in the community development as citizens as well, for achieving a successful social sustainable community. The architectural education is the base that builds the architect’s abilities and capabilities to perform his role, in which the education should be reset to enforce the notions of architecture beyond the building, and architect as a cooperative interdisciplinary player rather than a singular actor.


Social Sustainability, Architects, Society, Architectural Education


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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