The paper examines the epistemology and learning process in the contemporary design studio. It provides a particular focus on the learners' engagement level and their ability to integrate their acquired knowledge in a systemic approach that enables them to create innovative yet authentic settings and products. In this context, the authors investigate the impacts of two aspects on the design process, the design outcome and the overall learning quality. These aspects are narrowed down to :1- the learning environment and theories as implemented in design studios, and 2- the perceptual behavior and its related variables as integrated in the design process. Thus, the paper tackles the possibilities to profit from the traditional and contemporary resources of constructionist learning theory and styles, as well as environmental perception and affordance to restructure the learning environment and the design process in a way that draws the best out of every learner’s cognitive potential. For this purpose, it suggests a conceptual model for learning in design studio, i.e., the Perceptual-Based Design Model. The model, along with its pedagogical tactics, adopts a constructionist-learning standpoint that has been implemented throughout the last 8 years on undergraduate junior and senior interior design students. It allows an inclusive strategy to interpret the users’ expected readings of their indoor and outdoor tone with into a set of appropriate design considerations that are in harmony with the cultural, social and environmental attributes of these settings and engenders positive users’ experiences.


Epistemology, Constructionism, Perceptual behavior, Perceptual-Based Design Model


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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