Effective applied research is based on close collaboration between research and industry. The teaching and learning methods used for decades in Architectural learning process should be reviewed taking into account habits of learning and the existing challenges provided by contemporary information technologies for a new generation of students. This paper introduces a pilot study based on using Augmented Reality (AR) as a new tool in architectural learning process. AR is an emerging technology which enables participants to interact with digital information embedded within the physical environment. Egyptian educational architectural institutions today are largely unaware of new concepts such as Augmented Reality opportunities for architectural practice, and the prototypes that are being developed by researchers worldwide. The paper goal is to present how it is very helpful to use such new advanced technology in architectural learning process. Testing its possibilities for graphical and spatial capabilities and recognition improvements for the first year architectural students in the Building Construction course, at the Department of Architecture, Menoufia University, Egypt. The case study was applied at the first semester of the academic year of 2015-2016.


Augmented Reality, Architectural Education, Markers Based Technique, Augment


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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