The research presents a visual analysis of the architectural formation through the concept of harmony and proportion which will judge the relationship between the different elements and identify its architectural character; the research focus on the architectural vocabulary to deal with composition and proportion of the historic city of Salt buildings which contain many of architectural characteristics such as: (unit. Balance, harmony, appropriate scale) all of which are important tools for definition of good architecture, architectural style of Old Salt city will be displayed through studying its design trends and forms of its buildings elevations , the research investigates the impact of the blocks characteristics and its relationship with construction line and the skyline. What this paper seeks to do is to clarify the architectural characteristics of the historic city of Salt and its impact on the local population through a questionnaire and personal interviews, at the end of this research; we will present the most important findings and recommendations.


التشكيل المعماري, الخصائص البصرية و الإدراكية, وسط مدينة السلط التاريخي.


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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