Design quality is essential to improve the standards of living and is progressively being accepted as critical to successful new housing developments. A better design quality provides attractive and sensitively planned homes that form communities, and assists in creating a healthier and advanced fellowship. As new housing growth in Egypt has missed reaching the universal rules and guidelines of design quality, this research reviews several experiences of foreign offices and governmental programs that deal with amending the design character of housing buildings. Using these Guidelines enables commissioning high performance housing facilities that improve the general standards of a better design of the housing buildings. This paper encompasses the principles of the design's quality of housing projects as guidelines for improving the design quality of housing. This research embraces simpler framework for housing design principles that can facilitate new housing buildings achieve a positive contribution to the residents’ quality of life, helps developers generate values from their strategies, guides them to a number of design’s general features and recommends that attention should be paid to the tradeoffs between performance and monetary values.


Architecture, design quality, housing, building, development


Architecture | Arts and Humanities | Education | Engineering



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