The landscape architecture profession and its role in the planning process in Egypt are not clear and well defined. This led to the production of plans which lacks the existence of an obvious landscape strategy to both existing and new cities. A landscape planning concept which helps to maximize the contribution of the open spaces to the character and appearance of the city; conserve features and areas of historic interest; conserve and enhance existing features of wildlife interest and where appropriate create new habitats; facilitate public enjoyment and recreation in a way which respects the landscape and minimizes its erosion; to provide a linked network of safe, rich and varied open spaces for us all to enjoy and value throughout the city and to promote links with the surrounding countryside. The overall objective of this paper is to produce a set of guidelines for developing a landscape strategy for the Egyptian cities. This aims to ensure that the city’s landscape is adequately protected and cared for, so that its extent, quality, biological diversity and contribution to the character and appearance of the city can be sustained and enriched for the benefit and enjoyment of the people and visitors. As well as addressing the need to restore a balance within the city's landscape, whereby the natural forces of change are managed, the damaging actions of people are limited and a climate is created to encourage the development of good quality landscape design throughout the city. This will be enhanced by using an analytical approach to focus on the city of Alexandria as an example of the Egyptian statues of landscape architecture, reaching the development of a landscape strategy check list.


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