Polyoxometalates; SiW12; Mo8; Removal efficiency; Dyes


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[SiW12O40]4-(SiW12) and [Mo8O26]4- (Mo8) were synthesized and characterized by Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The prepared polyoxometalates were studied as potential adsorbents for the removal of methylene blue (MB) from an aqueous solution. Various operational parameters—contact time, adsorbent dose, initial dye concentration, pH, and temperature— were meticulously assessed by UV/Vis spectrophotometry to study its impact on the adsorption efficacy. An inverse relationship was observed between the percentage dye removal and the initial dye concentration, highlighting the complexes' superior adsorption capabilities under lower dye loads. The studied complexes displayed significantly better efficiency under acidic conditions. Both SiW12 and Mo8 exhibited high percentages of removal for methylene blue within only 10 min for MO8 and 5 min for SiW12. These results not only underline the proficiency of SiW12 and Mo8 as adsorbents, but also position them as promising candidates for fast and effective water purification strategies in the face of escalating environmental pollution challenges.





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