Recycled Concrete Aggregate, Concrete Column, Steel Jacketing, Strengthening, ABAQUS


Civil Engineering | Engineering | Structural Engineering


Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RAC) is a form of recycled concrete that has been studied for green building for the past 50 years. It can be used to create strong structures, such as seismic retrofitting of earthquake-prone structures. Studies have attempted to experimentally study the effect of using recycled aggregate in concrete, but the literature lacks the use of recycled concrete aggregate rapped with steel rings. This study examines the behavior of circular concrete columns with different percentages of recycled aggregate. It examines the behavior of a column with different percentages of recycled aggregate, one without jacketing, one with partial jacketing, and one with full jacketing. The suggested approach is stimulated, and the samples are modeled using ABAQUS software to demonstrate a comparison between experimental and numerical analysis.

The study on "Behavior of Concrete Mixes Using Recycled Aggregate Confined with Steel Sections" is pivotal for sustainable construction, conserving resources, and lowering carbon emissions. It also aligns with circular economy principles and compliance with sustainability regulations, fostering eco-friendly, cost-effective practices. Furthermore, the incorporation of jacketing and steel sections not only supports sustainability but also strengthens communities by enhancing earthquake and heavy load resistance, ensuring both environmental responsibility and the safety of structures in vulnerable regions.

These results have to be adopted for their clear sustainability benefits, including resource conservation and waste reduction. Furthermore, the cost savings associated with using recycled aggregates make it economically attractive. Lastly, the enhanced mechanical properties of concrete contribute to more durable and resilient construction materials, aligning with both environmental, safety, and economic objectives.

Author ORCID Identifier

Latifa Sobhi Kassem https://orcid.org/0009-0003-1709-8382

Adnan El Masri https://orcid.org/0009-0002-4293-244X

Nour Wehbi https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3430-366X





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