Technological Revolution, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Transportation


Architecture | Business | Engineering | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


The arousal of technology has changed a lot of aspects in human life and has drastically changed its path through a revolution that changed the whole world. This revolution took place in various aspects while affecting significantly the global economy and from those fields that considerably affect the life of human beings in the previous and current centuries are Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and transportation. It is these two factors that play a major role in the economy of countries and dominate the lives of societies in the world. Thus, this paper studies the impact of the technology revolution on communication and transportation while demonstrating the significance of these two factors and their interrelation as well that resulted from this technology revolution. It tackles the Information and Communication Technology as a crucial outcome of the technological revolution and its effect in its turn on Transportation and the influence both aspects have on individuals. This paper tends to show the relation between the development that Technology caused and the performance of individual’s life. It is quite interesting to study this relation in our life to see this relation that Technology has created in aspects like ICT and Transportation to examine how such a development improved the life of human beings.





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