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Concrete Containing Used Engine Oil and Limestone Fines


Concrete Limestone Fines Engine Oil


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The rapid growth in the construction industry at the global level has made concrete the most widely used construction material throughout the world. Accordingly, the consumption of natural sand which is one the main raw material constituent of concrete is continuously growing. The demand for river sand is highly increasing due to its scarcity in the market. Manufactured sand produced by crushed rock is being considered as an appropriate alternative to replace river sand in concrete. In recent years, there is a growing interest in the use of crushed sand obtained from limestone quarries in some countries where river sand is not widely available”. The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of total replacement of the natural sand by fine aggregates obtained from crushed limestone. However, it needs more research on the crushed stone fine aggregates to reveal its engineering properties prior to utilization in concrete. Another objective of this study is to study the effect of using the waste engine oil as partial replacement of water reducing admixture. The use of waste engine oil in concrete is beneficial for the environment. It is to be noted that some countries are recycling this used oil but others are throwing it in the sea and harming the marine life. In this paper, different combinations and grading of fine lime stone and coarse aggregates were tried in order to attain the optimal proportion that provide an acceptable concrete performance in terms of workability and compressive strength. Also, different percentages of admixture replacement ranging from zero to one hundred percent of the used engine oil were tried in the selected optimal mixture proportion. The final selected proportion using engine oil and crushed limestone could be considered as an economical solution and friendly environmental concrete product.





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