CRT, concrete, waste glass, compressive strength


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Cathode-ray tube (CRT) glass is a hazardous material that should be responsibly managed when disposed. One of the possible options for recycling CRT waste glass is using it as fine aggregates in concrete for its richness in silica. For the aim of evaluating concrete with this material, four mixes with replacement levels of 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% are prepared. Workability, hardened density, ultra-pulse velocity, compressive strength, tensile strength, and static modulus of elasticity were examined. Experimental results showed that the use of CRT improved properties of concrete at certain replacement levels. CRT glass improved the workability of concrete where mixes with CRT required less water reducer to reach the same slump. Hardened density increased with the increase of the CRT glass. The mechanical properties of the concrete were enhanced at 10% replacement level only. In general, CRT glass proved to be adequate as a replacement for sand in concrete





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