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Validation of the factor structure of the Parent-Adolescent Relationship Scale in the Indian context


Parent-Adolescent Relationship Scale, Indian Adaptation, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Confirmatory factor analysis


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Parent-Adolescent Relationship (PAR) gets transformed during adolescence, and there is a significant relationship between the adolescent's adjustment and quality of this relationship. A loving and caring relationship full of acceptance with parents offers a health-oriented atmosphere for the growth of the child's abilities in multiple ways. The research findings indicated that the quality of Parent-Adolescent Relationship (PAR) associates with a broader range of positive outcomes, including emotional and mental Well-being, adjustment with the environment, and social competence. The present study was designed to adopt a Parent-Adolescent Scale, which examines the parent-adolescent relation among adolescents of India. In the present study, 13 items from the Parent-Adolescent Scale 21, developed by Husseini et al. (2016), were translated in the Hindi language and adopted in the Indian context. A total 1000 adolescent students from different Hindi speaking states of India responded to the PARS13. An Exploratory Factor Analysis and a Confirmatory Factor Analysis were performed to test the factorial structure of the PARS13, and the internal consistency of the scale was studied. The results supported scale multidimensionality. The obtained Cronbach’s alpha revealed satisfactory internal consistency with a value of 0.82. Based on the psychometric properties obtained, it is concluded that PARS13 is a reliable measure to assess adolescents' parent-adolescent relationship in India.



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