Aims & Scope

BAU journal - Society, Culture & Human Behavior is an international interdisciplinary journal published by Beirut Arab University Press. It provides an open access peer reviewed meeting-point for studies using qualitative research related to society, culture & human behavior. The journal is published in Arabic, English, and French Languages. The journal aims to support and shape-evolving disciplines of qualitative studies and presenting research and theory in which progressive perspectives are brought to bear on the society, culture & human behavior.

  • Personality, Behavior Human Behavior in Organizations
  • History, Heritage & Identity
  • Language, Literature & Information Literacy
  • Media , Societal Change, Globalization and Culture
  • Theories, History, & Humanities in Architecture
  • Traditional and Alternative Medicine
  • Healthcare Jurisdictions and Policies
  • Healthy Lifestyles & Psychology in Individuals and Community
  • Preventive dentistry