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Communication publicitaire et développement durable


Green Communication, greenwashing, social responsibility, transparency, ecology, sustainable development




Résumé : Cet article ambitionne d’étudier les déterminants de la communication publicitaire dans le cadre de la responsabilité sociétale des entreprises dans un monde en perpétuelle mutation. A travers l’analyse d’un corpus de publicités vertes internationales, nous allons appréhender comment les annonceurs intègrent l’environnement dans leurs publicités et comment ils l’exploitent à des fins commerciales pour se démarquer de leurs concurrents. Qu’est-ce qu’un argument écologique ? A quoi sert-il ? Qu’est ce qui détermine une communication marchande verte et éco-responsable ? Comment éviter le greenwashing ? Quelles sont les stratégies d’une communication transparente et éthique qui respecte les exigences d’un développement durable efficace et efficient ? C’est à ces questions et bien d’autres que nous tenterons de répondre dans cet article.

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In recent years, crucial topics related to ecology, environment and sustainable development have been the focus of media attention. This is how we wanted to study the attitude of companies and consumers towards these ecological and environmental questions through advertising, considered as a real prism of society. Indeed, the use of the ecological argument in advertising currently represents an undeniable means of strategic differentiation for the company which chooses to orient itself on the green way. However, the use of ecological argument in advertising may at first seem paradoxical given their seemingly contradictory objectives. This article aims to study the determinants of advertising communication in the context of corporate social responsibility in a constantly changing world. Through the analysis of a corpus of international green advertisements, we will understand how advertisers integrate the environment into their advertisements and how they exploit it for commercial purposes to stand out from their competitors. What is an ecological argument? What is it used for? What determines green and eco-responsible market communication? How to avoid greenwashing? What are the strategies for transparent and ethical communication that meets the requirements of effective and efficient sustainable development? These and many more questions will be answered in this article.

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