Abi Hayyan and Al Zamakhshari creativity was based upon each one’s method in grammatical orientation and linguistic and rhetorical analysis. These constitute important elements of the research methodologies in sciences that were common within the Islamic community being in theology, jurisprudence principle, grammar and rhetoric etc. These two interpreters were special and different than other previous interpreters and they added new theories in this area. Islam expanded among other ancient civilizations and benefited from the Greek civilization that built all its opinions upon reason. Thus, it was important for Muslims to sharpen their minds and denude their explanations to support Islam and enforce science as it is the case in both jurisprudence (Fiqh) and grammar sciences. What has been declared by Al Zamakhshari was convenient to what has been noticed by the majority of linguists, rhetoric and grammar experts, the reason why I opted for giving my research the title “Creativity in some of Abi Hayyan and Al Zamakhshari writings”. In addition I limited my research to “sourat Al Baqara” which is the longest one and gives additional idea about Al Zamakhshari ideology and Abi Hayyan reactions through thirteen linguistic issues starting with cancelling the “Moubtadaa” integrating cancellation into semantics, one of the three semantics sciences, and ending up with cancelling “Al Mawsoul Al Ismi”, five other issues related to the letters “Al Hamza”, “Ala”, “B”, “Ma” and “Min”. Both interpreters were characterized by their new concepts in explanation. They adopted grammatical and rhetorical explanation in addition to meanings, with completely new additions in the explanation field which were never seen before.


نحو ـ الزمخشري ـ أبو حيان ـ التعليل النحوي ـ البصرة والكوفة



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