This research paper focuses on the creative and living situation of the political life of most prime ministers in Lebanon. Their creativity was most prominent by the fact that they were prime ministers with limited authoritative powers. The president has the most authority in power while his prime minister holds full political responsibility. Prime minister Sami El Solh, showed his creativity by being member of the cabinet in two different presidential terms. His diaries in his presidential terms appeared in four different volumes though the main book was titled “Diaries of Sami El Solh”. Other books were titled “ Refer to the history” and “ Lebanon: the political mess and the unknown destiny”. These diaries reflected his creativity during his terms. In Lebanon, the authoritative powers are divided into two parties, one party that governs but is not responsible and usually stays in power for a long period of time and another party that governs for a shorter period of time usually not more than 8 months. This is what the prime minister tried to show though his diaries that reflect mostly creativity in power however at many times he was distant from the reality.


الواقع الإبداعي، الواقع المعاشي، الحياة السياسية، مذكرات سامي الصلح، الحكم في لبنان



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