“If documents are lost, history is lost”. This premise emphasizes the importance of the adoption of historical documents and manuscripts in this research, relevant to the historical period under study, while focusing on the following: - Diplomatic and consular documents, including French, British, American, German, Italian and other documents; - The documents of the Islamic courts in the Ottoman period, which constitute the transactions and documents of each court in an Ottoman city; and - The documents and records of municipalities, including the Municipality of Beirut, which include various important documents that the historian can rely on and benefit from. It is important that the impartial historian not only rely on documents and manuscripts, but also compare them with other documents in order to reach historical facts. This research will draw attention to the importance of documents in history and chronicles, while drawing comparisons between types of historical documents and their importance in enriching scientific research.


الأرشيف البريطاني، الأرشيف الفرنسي، وثائق المحكمة الشرعيّة، وثائق بلديّة بيروت، الأرشيف العثماني.



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