The theme of sustainable development today is a growing concern of society. It aims to reconcile objectives of respect for the environment, economic efficiency and social equity. Transposing and applying this new approach to economic development, which is more systemic and more transparent, requires innovation and creation. These two requirements will bring about new ideas being capable of arousing the interest of the inhabitants of the planet, involving them and pushing them to adopt new ideas, to demonstrate eco-responsible behavior, and be to be more ethical in this regard. Humor in advertising for sustainable development is increasingly seen as a strategic means of involvement in this target. It helps to achieve what all advertising aspires; that is, connivance, synergy and complicity with the recipient. It is used to communicate on a new environmentally friendly product, to reach a new objective and to change the ideas and behaviors of citizens by encouraging them to respect the components of sustainable development. The purpose of this article is to understand the practices of advertisers who invest in communication on sustainable development to see how they use humor and how they integrate it into their communication strategies. Through the study of a body of international advertising visuals, we will see how companies that adopt a sustainable development strategy communicate their values, present their products and make humor a tool for self-demarcation and for strategic differentiation.


Imagination, humour, publicité, développement durable, changement des comportements



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