Black Milk, is the title of a book by Elif Shafak, the Turkish writer, and it deals with the complexity of female identity and the difficulty encountered in reconciling different aspects of this identity. The writer expresses these identities in an allegorical way, manifested in the chorus of inner voices of midget women representing the different aspects of this identity. They introduce themselves alternately into the life of the narrator, assailing her in order to orientate her towards the determined role of Woman. The theme mainly focuses on the “incompatibility” between motherhood and literary creation. The problematic of the topic "Creation and Procreation" in Lait noir / Black Milk is the analysis motherhood as divided between reality, since the narrator is torn between being a housewife assuming her responsibility as a mother and wife and choosing literary creation. Isn't procreation also creation? This paper will analyze the narrator's inner conflict between the reality of being a mother and the other identities that help the emancipation of women. Which allegory has she used to express her doubts and her indecision? What is the influence of the patriarchal society on the narrator's dilemma? The author was able to convey her message through the polyphony of the narrative voices. Finally, the tackled theme is universal in time and space and the questioning goes on to come to an intermediate solution in order to conciliate motherhood and creative work.


Identité feminine, maternité, création, procréation, polyphonie.



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