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COVID-19, Infection control, Dental healthcare personnel, Dental guidelines, Prevention


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been associated with person-to-person transmission. This includes droplets inhalation, exposure to saliva, and contact with the oral or nasal mucosa. The World Health Organization (WHO) made it public that the novel coronavirus initiated an international public health emergency. COVID-19 cases are rising up until this day, as of End-April 2021, around 141 million confirmed cases and 3 million deaths were reported worldwide. Due to the characteristics of dental clinics, dental health care personnel are at a higher risk of getting exposed to the COVID-19 infection. Thus, there is an urgent need to improve the current implemented recommendations and strategies in order to prevent transmission of the disease. Despite the huge efforts made by the countries affected in an attempt to restrain this pandemic, there is still a daily flare-up of cases. Dental health personnel will come across patients with COVID-19, and thus will have to abide by strict infection control measures to prevent its spread.

The aim of this article is to introduce a brief overview about the basic knowledge of COVID-19, its routes of transmission, as well as its clinical symptoms. Based on relevant research and guidelines, this study also provides recommendations for patients screening, management protocols, infection control as well as recommendations for dental health care personnel in different affected areas.



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