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Varicose Veins among Nurses


Varicose veins; Nurses; Prevalence; Hospital departments; Cross sectional


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Varicose veins are common among people working in professions requiring long standing hours like nursing. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of varicose veins among nurses working in different hospital units and identify the protective and risk factors to varicose vein development. A Cross-sectional design with self-reported questionnaires was implemented; 110 nurses at Rafik Hariri University Hospital and Osseiran Hospital working at units assumed to have the longest standing hours such as Emergency Department, operating rooms and medical and surgical units participated in the study. The participants were surveyed on sociodemographic characteristics, clinical history and current working conditions. This study identified the risk and protective factors of varicose veins among people working in the nursing profession. Homemade food was found to be a protective factor against this condition along with normal bowel movement. Future studies should look into proper assessment of the study participants for accurate findings.



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