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Elderly Patients Knowledge and Attitudes regarding Influenza Vaccination in Bekaa


Influenza Virus, Influenza Vaccine, Elderly, Knowledge, Beliefs, Bekaa.


Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences | Public Health


Elderly are among the main targets of influenza which is a common preventable infectious disease associated with high mortality and morbidity. The most cost-effective measure to prevent influenza is Vaccination, yet the vaccine uptake is known to be low. In Lebanon, there are no national surveillance programs or awareness campaigns for influenza in the country. There is a lack in the Data of the uptake of the influenza vaccine knowledge and attitudes of the Lebanese population towards. Aim: This study aims to assess the impact of educational program implementation on recognizing of influenza and adhering to vaccination. Method: Pre-Posttest research design was implemented in the study; 125 elderly patients aged 65 and above participated in the study. Setting: the study was conducted at two main Hospitals and one outpatient center in central Bekaa between April and March 2019. Results: A total of 125 completed the questioners. The results of this study revealed that there is a clear lack of knowledge about influenza common symptoms and its treatment. 87.6% thought it is appropriate to take antibiotics for influenza. Knowledge regarding the seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness and side effects was poor. Undermining the effect of influenza and misconceptions on the effectivity of the vaccine is among the main reasons for not receiving the influenza vaccination. There was a clear significant improvement of knowledge and believes changes post educational intervention knowledge among elderly patients. Conclusion: Educational intervention on seasonal Influenza and its vaccination significantly increase the level of knowledge, believes, and positive attitudes regarding influenza and the value of vaccination. Undermining the effect of influenza and misconceptions on the effectiveness of the vaccine could much be improved by increasing awareness and knowledge.



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