Hand grip, pinch grip, segmental vibration, dynamometer


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Handgrip and pinch strengths are important markers in many sports as well as in determining health status. Many interventions have been proposed for increasing hand muscle strength. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of segmental hand vibration on hand and pinch grip strengths. Ninety-two healthy university students were randomly assigned into two equal groups. By the end of the study, Group (A) and (B) consisted of 40 and 37 participants, respectively. The measurements consisted of the hand grip and pinch grip strengths using electronic dynamometer, measured in Kg, before, after three weeks, and after six weeks of training. Group (A) underwent isometric exercise training using hand gripper as follows: 4 seconds maximum grip, release for 2 seconds, repeated for 1 minute for three sets and with 3 minutes rest in between. Group (B) had the same exercise implemented in group (A) with the addition of five minutes of segmental vibration on both upper limb with 30Hz and amplitude of 2mm. The training was done two times per week for six weeks. Results revealed that both groups did demonstrate significant increase in hand and grip strengths after six weeks (p.05). It can be concluded that, segmental upper limb vibration does not have additional effect over isometric muscle training alone on hand grip and pinch grip strengths.



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