Sustainable development, marketing strategies, green promotion, green innovation


Architecture | Business | Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences


With the growing recognition of major environmental trends, marketers are reorganizing or regenerating their strategies and practices to meet the new challenges. The intent of this paper is to highlight new marketing strategic thinking, to accommodate for creative sustainable development. It introduces the importance of environment and sustainable development to the world around us. It defines a critical environmental problem and tries to find solutions from a marketing discipline. It tackles on latest marketing terminologies, such as consumerism, green marketing, ethical consumption, ecological concerns and green innovation and promotion. This paper reviews and analyzes three environmental trends, to determine their effects on marketing strategies interventions toward providing solutions to environmental problems opposing our globe today. The paper indicates that businesses can change and alter marketing strategies to protect the environment and consequently achieve creative sustainable development. We also note the essential role of learning organizations in the twenty first century. Successful strategies in prospect will need to be receptive and adaptive rather than permanent and rigid to accommodate the fact that customers are more market literate. Close to the end of the paper is a reflection of misusage of some companies with respect to corporate social responsibility, thus misleading the society by taking green marketing as propaganda for their advertizing and using marketing strategies to differentiate themselves rather than save the planet.



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