Consumption, Sustainability, Construction


Architecture | Business | Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences


This paper examines the influence of the increasing levels of consumption on the environment which increased pollution, specifically in the real estate sector in Lebanon. Demographic changes in population, immigration, and the middle class followed by competition and the increase of production are reasons for the increase in consumption levels. Based on a literature analysis, we first introduce the influence of consumption on the real estate sector globally and how the result of this increasing demand in the real estate sector has created challenges to supply the market with building material. In the literature review we also illustrate the effect of the rising consumption level on the environment. A desktop research methodology and a question and answer interview with a developer’s personal experience background will be used. A case study on the Lebanese market will be illustrated, on issues of pollution, and climate change due to the increasing demand on construction which have created new challenges with supplying building material and maintaining a sustainable environment.



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