Green building regulation, legislation, people’s health, initiatives


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The world’s nations encourage creating a health-friendly and sustainable environmental development, to achieve a balance between the economic development and environmental protection. Governments around the world settled regulatory frameworks for the development and usage of green building technology; they should adopt an appropriate legislation to protect people’s health as well as the environment and its natural resources, by establishing a mandatory Green Buildings Regulations, green attractive incentives and Initiative to improve our building performance, encouraging all inventors to build with green. Energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives have attracted serious attention, it promote sustainable development. In some countries the municipality has made the Green Building standards mandatory for governmental buildings only and optional for private ones, but in others they are establishing a strategy, making it mandatory for all the new buildings. This research highlights on the problem and detail the government incentives and initiative, its effectiveness on promoting green building development. The paper draws attention on the shortage of the Lebanese government to protect its natural resources, since the environmental issues have reached dangerous levels. Some ministries are improving the rules for healthier environment, but it is still not enough. More effort should be done in order to achieve an acceptable level of environmental quality. It also provides an international and local review of the implementation of environmental incentives and financial schemes in order to have a better perspective of the Lebanese sustainability effort. The methodology used mostly an inductive methodology with an intervention of deductive and analytical methodologies.



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