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Cesarean section, since ancient times, has been known to be an alternative mode to normal vaginal delivery. It is clinically indicated in certain situations. However, nowadays, Cesarean section rates are increased worldwide and in Lebanon, and instead of being an alternative, it has become the primary choice for certain women and physicians, who decide that their patients should go for that option. The purpose of our study was to investigate the perception of Lebanese women towards different modes of delivery in Lebanon. A cross- sectional study was conducted, where participants, aged 18 to 55, were selected in different regions across Lebanon, and were asked to fill a questionnaire with regards to their perception. Data were collected about preferred modes of delivery, women’s awareness towards vaginal and caesarean deliveries and their associated complications. 388 women agreed to participate. The majority were less than 25 years old (around 40%). The majority preferred vaginal delivery (79.5%) over Cesarean section. No significant association was found between age and preferred modes of delivery. The main reasons for preferring vaginal delivery were shorter hospital stay and faster postpartum recovery. 96.3% who underwent C-section stated that it was emergent rather than planned. Of those who preferred Caesarean delivery, main reasons were the fear of pain and believing that it is a safe procedure. As for perception on complications, 50% believed that neither vaginal delivery nor cesarean section increased maternal death. Short term fetal respiratory distress was believed to be less after vaginal delivery than after cesarean section.



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