laban immo, freeze drying, laban immo powder, easy-to-prepare


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Busy life styles and unconventional working hours made the task of getting a meal on the table really challenging thus leading to the trend of consuming easy-to-prepare meals. Lebanon is still behind in having ready to prepare traditional meals available in the market. Laban immo is a traditional Lebanese dish which contains essential nutrients that allows it to be labeled as nutritionally balanced. The primary objective of this study is to produce laban immo in a powdered form that is shelf stable, convenient, easy to prepare and portable. Previous research conducted in this area was able to successfully produce yogurt in a powder form. Four recipes of laban immo with different fat contents (48.44%, 47.45%, 40.16%, and 30.13%) were subjected to freeze drying to determine the optimum process, the processing conditions and the recipe that attains acceptable physical properties. The physical properties of the resulting laban immo powder (water activity, moisture loss and pH) were measured for each condition to estimate the shelf life and feasibility of the product. Producing a laban immo powder that preserves the physical properties of the traditional plate is possible.



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